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Radon mitigation systems that are tailored to your building

Whether you're starting construction of a new home or upgrading your passive system to an active one, or building a new system from the ground up, you can count on us for a prompt response and an aggressive selection to maximize your building's safety.


What is the difference between passive and active?


Passive systems are usually installed during the construction stage of new buildings and can be upgraded to active systems if neccesary. These systems include a pipe that is fitted into the basement slab, then built to run through the building to release the radon through the roof.


An active system uses a fan to help draw out radon and tougher soil gases from beneath the slab, and is usually more effective at keeping radon levels down.

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Choose the mitigation system that is right for your building

Depressurization Systems

These begin by cutting a hole in your concrete slab or placement in an existing sump pump. A cavity is then created in the soil below, and piping is installed along with a mitigation fan to draw out radon and exhaust it safely outside the home.



Piping with perforations is laid on the dirt or gravel inside your crawlspace before placing 6 mil plastic sheathing over the entire crawlspace area, allowing the piping to draw radon from under the sheathing. Concrete crawlspaces are handled like cement slabs.


Garage and Attic Installations

In some cases, it is possible to run your radon piping up through the house or garage and into the attic above.


Exterior Installations

With slab on grade homes or walk out basements, you may be able to construct the entirety of your radon system outside. This can be especially useful if your basement is finished and you want to keep piping away from the finished area.

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Call us anytime for:

  • Installation of radon systems

  • Optional accessories

  • Radon testing

  • Sale or service of radon systems

  • Upgrading of passive systems to active systems

Systems include:

  • Installation of a gauge to measure system performance

Sealing for:

  • Condensation drip points

  • Floor cracks

  • Perimeter cracks

  • Sump pumps

  • State of the art fan technology

  • Re-testing

  • Lifetime guarantee

  • Exceed EPA guidelines

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